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With Love From You To Me
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December 27, 2017

My Christmas Story
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October 9, 2018


Mary brings three specific areas of market intelligence to consulting: a developmental framework, marketplace expertise and a practical perspective.

As she explains, "I'm a hybrid. I bring knowledge of child development, personal parenting experience and a successful track record in publishing and children's entertainment. Because I've worked in a variety of arenas, I draw from a deep reservoir of cross-category ideas, concepts and connections."

Mary consults on-site or by phone, with a fee structure designed to fit specific tasks. Companies can choose to work on a retainer or project basis.

Previous and current clients include:

  • Sony Home Entertainment
  • Walden Media
  • Reel FX (Exclaim Extertainment)
  • Lyrick Studios (HIT Entertainment)
  • Big Idea (Classic Media)
  • Family Communications Inc ("Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood")
  • American Girl (Mattel)
  • Workman Publishing
  • North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Thomas Nelson Publishers
  • Cook Communications
  • Dayspring

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