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the hear me read series

In 2003, the Hear Me Read series received the Platinum Book Award from the Evangelical Church Publishers Association for recognition of more than 1 million copies sold. The 18 individual titles in Level One have been compiled into a single, hardbound volume with a padded cover, The Hear Me Read Bible. The stories are targeted to children who are perched on the edge of reading God's Word for themselves. Each story uses 25 words (or less!) to tell a complete Bible lesson. Early readers can earn points in the Accelerated Reader program, used by hundreds of public and private schools, after reading many of the stories in The Hear Me Read Bible.

Take a sneak peek into one of the stories.

Hear Me Read-1 series

Each of the 18 stories in this colorful Bible features a complete Bible lesson told in 25 different words or less. These Level One stories are ideal for children who are "almost but not quite" reading.

The Hear Me Read Bible

  • What Next (Creation)
  • Drip, Drop (Noah's ark)
  • Bing! (David and Goliath)
  • Toot! Toot! (The fall of Jericho)
  • Follow That Star (The wise men)
  • Hurry, Hurry! (Palm Sunday)
  • Rumble, Rumble (Jesus feeds the crowd)
  • Who Will Help? (The good Samaritan)
  • Too Tall, Too Small (Zaccheus)
  • Row the Boat (The miraculous catch of fish)
  • A Silent Night (Christmas)
  • Sit Down (Mary and Martha)
  • Where is Jesus? (Easter)
  • Hide the Baby (The birth of Moses)
  • Whoops! (Jonah and the fish)
  • Jibber Jabber (Tower of Babel)
  • Come to Jesus (Jesus blesses the children)
  • Send a Baby (The birth of John the Baptist)


Trend Savvy Parenting

Hear Me Read-2 series

These individual Bible story books provide a transition between the Hear Me Read Bible for emerging readers and chapter books for independent readers.

Each book contains approximately 75 words.

  • The No-Go King (The Exodus)
  • Daniel and the Tattletales (Daniel in the lions' den)
  • The First Christmas (The birth of Jesus)
  • A Walk on the Waves (Jesus walks on the water)
  • Hurray for the Lord's Army (Gideon and the Midianites)
  • The Hide and Seek Prince (Joash)
  • Through the Roof (Jesus heals the sick man)
  • Thank You, Jesus (Jesus heals the lepers)


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