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little visits

Little Visits with God has been a cornerstone in family faith libraries for fifty years. This original title was targeted for children beginning around age 8, but Concordia Publishing House wanted to help families with younger children create a devotional routine.

Little Visits with Jesus, for 4-7 year olds, and Little Visits for Toddlers, for 1-3 year olds, help younger children embrace daily time with God as a lifestyle element.

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Little Visits with Jesus

Little Visits - Bedtime

Before a goodnight kiss, parents have an opportunity to spend time with their child and anchor the family in faith using Mary's newest addition to the Little Visits library, Little Visits at Bedtime.

She says, “Families are always busy with a variety of activities and events, but bedtime is a constant. For many families, this is the single time of the day uninterrupted by TV and cell phones.”

All titles in the Little Visits library are written with the idea of bringing together the three points of a triangle: parents, child, and God. But Little Visits at Bedtime is the first in the series to target a specific time in a child’s day.

Written to share with children ages 3 to 7, each “Little Visits” focuses a child’s bedtime on Jesus with a Bible verse, prayer, questions to trigger interaction, and a story that reflects everyday situations. Little Visits at Bedtime also features foundational content for parents’ spiritual growth and practical ideas for child development.

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Little Visits with Jesus

Little Visits with Jesus -- Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition

The 25th anniversary edition of Little Visits with Jesus is a classic book for next-gen families.

This best-seller invites four to seven year olds to discuss biblical values within everyday situations. A Bible verse, life-related devotion and prayer suggestion are included for each of the 240 "Jesus times."

"Through the years, parents have commented that 'It's amazing how often the stories in Little Visits with Jesus just happened in our family,'" says Dr. Mary Manz Simon. "That doesn't surprise me, because the situations are timeless."

The topical index, from "airport" to "zoo," is convenient for parents who want to address a specific issue. The Scripture index invites Christian educators to match devotions to curriculum elements and specific Bible stories.

"Children learn to click a keyboard and swish an iPad long before they learn to read, but all children splash in puddles and wonder where heaven is," says Dr. Mary Manz Simon. "These childhood elements span generations."

"But just because today's kids click, doesn't mean they connect," Simon adds. "Little Visits with Jesus is all about connecting with loved ones and with Jesus Christ. A focus on these timeless truths helps even digital kids develop a spiritual foundation for life."

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Little Visits with Jesus

This book is designed for families or teachers with children aged 3-8. Each page includes developmentally appropriate devotional thoughts, Scripture reference, and prayer suggestion.

A "special topics" index is provided for quick reference, and includes "loose tooth," "broken arm," "when grandma dies," and other events important in the life of a young child.

Little Visits with Jesus


Little Visits for Toddlers

Little Visits for Toddlers

Devotions designed specifically for children aged 1, 2, and 3. Each page includes a brief Scripture selection and an action-oriented devotion.

A word of encouragement directed to the adult, a concept of child development, or an idea to extend the devotion is included on each page.



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