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"little visits" - behind the scenes

I didn't plan to write this or any book: A doctoral dissertation was enough of a book for me!

So when my husband and I needed a devotional book to use with our young children, we went to our church library and Christian bookstore. I knew what we needed: an action-oriented source of "real life" devotions.

I wanted something that would relate to our everyday life. I needed something that would keep our children (we had three children in three and a half years) physically and mentally active.

We couldn't find anything.

We tried to use the classic Little Visits with God, co-authored many years ago by my husband's uncle, Martin Simon, but our children weren't old enough for that yet.

One evening, Aunt Ruth, the widow of Martin Simon, came for dinner.

It was a horrible night: I had to nurse the baby and never got to eat supper, the juice spilled and so on.

But after Aunt Ruth left that night, I wrote about what happened. (You can read about that evening on page 198 of Little Visits with Jesus.)

Each day after that, I would take whatever scrap of paper was handy - McDonald's napkin, shopping list, church bulletin - and jot down how I saw God at work in our children's lives.

I developed a nightly devotion from what I had written during the day. That continued for several years until I turned those scraps of paper into a book.

Little Visits with Jesus first made the Christian children's best-seller list in August 1989. I can honestly say, it's much easier to read the book than it was to use those little scraps of paper!

Writing Little Visits for Toddlers was truly a joy. We know that young children learn by being mentally and physically active, so each devotion offers a fun way to trigger body, mind and soul action. Many families keep this book in a kitchen drawer or in a napkin holder on the table, so it's easy to get into a devotional habit.

My prayer is that the Scripture verses, prayer suggestions and devotional thoughts in these books will be helpful resources as children begin their faith journey.


All text Copyright 2018 by Dr. Mary Manz Simon.